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Where Dreams Rest (2018)


2020 Innuendo International Film Festival - Winner of Best Production Design 2020 Flickers' Roving Eye International Film Festival, Rhode Island

2020 Caorle Film Festival, Carole, Venice, Italy

2020 Short Film Factory, Bucharest, Romania - Best Drama

2020 Emerging Artist LA Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA

2020 The World Independent Cinema Awards, Nice, France

 2019 Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong Short Film Competition - Winner of Sound Fellowship with Dolby; Honorary Mention Short Film

2019 USC First Look Festival, Los Angeles- Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting

2019 Dances with Films, Los Angeles, CA - Best Narrative Short - Chinese Spotlight

2019 Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles, CA - Best Production Design

2019 Five Continents International Film Festival, Venezuela - Audience Award 1st Place, Special Mention for Art Direction

2019 Chinese American Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA

2019 SHORT to the Point, Romania - Best Drama

2019 Chicago Blow Up Film Fest, Chicago, IL

2019 Bolton Film Festival, Bolton, UK

2019 Queen Palm International Film Festival, Palm Springs, CA

2019 Dumbo Film Festival, New York, NY

2019 Mulan International Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

2019 Madrid International Film Festival, Madrid, Spain

2019 NÒT FILM FEST, Italy 21. 2019 Woods Hole Film Festival, Cape Cod, MA 2019 Hong Kong Puff Underground Film Festival, Hong Kong

2019 San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, San Francisco, CA

2019 DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, Washington D.C.

2018 Watersprite: Cambridge International Student Film Festival, U.K. - Best Cinematography Award

2018 Lady Filmmakers Festival, Beverly Hills, CA

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